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      Welcome to my duplex page.   I moved in May 1, 1998.  I consider it a fixer-upper, so does Therese.  My summers off from teaching school have consisted of plumbing, electrical work, ripping up and replacing rotted wood, painting, and shopping.  Therese likes the shopping part.  Actually, she has been helping me with the remodel.  It has been a team effort.   We spent the summer of '98 fixing up the front unit.   The front unit has one bedroom and one bathroom.   We posted the pictures of the front unit on our first web page,  

     This page is the second phase in our remodeling process.  We spent the summer of 1999 fixing up the back unit.  This page has pictures of me, my wife, and our friends fixing up the back unit.  Just click on the images below to see each phase or if you want to jump to another page just click on the above link in the heading.  Thank You, and Enjoy!