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During The Remodel

The brick wall was difficult to rebuild.  I used recycled broken bricks.  I'm not a brick layer so it's a little uneven.
I call this picture the war zone.  I'm working on the brick wall and the fence at the same time.  You should look at my desk too.
Another picture of the fence being built.  I used redwood fence with recycled 2X4's.  It was pretty simple.  I drilled a hole into the brick cover and used anchor bolts to secure the 2X4's.

Here I am putting up the redwood fence onto my fence frame.
I finished building the fence and prepared the dirt for sod.

Here I am laying down over 300 square feet of sod.  My clothes never were so filthy with dirt.
Here I had time to prepare a garden.  My wife loves her garden. We have lettuce, corn, tomatoes, squash, and basil.   We did a good job.

The kitchen fan was the greasiest thing I ever saw in the kitchen.  Here I am scrubbing off the grease with a degreaser.
My wife cleaning up the kitchen shelves.  We painted the kitchen.  My wife loves to cook in the kitchen.
Here is a picture of our living room.  The far corner wall is where we want to put a door so that we could go into the garage without opening the car garage door.

Here is a picture of our bedroom.  The floors were resurfaced and the walls painted.  It is one of the nicest rooms.

We resurfaced our floors after we painted the rooms.  The wood floors look great.
We had to purchase most of the appliances after the tenants left.  During the summer we had to buy a stove, refrigerator, wash and dryer.  That put our budget a little behind.
The laundry room is being prepared for painting.  As you can see it was an awful orange color.